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Because of the unhealthy and carcinogenic effect of plastic cups, there in an increased trend for using papercup cups all over the world, mainly in the European countries. To meet this increased demand, Vendcup produces paper cups that meet the European quality standards in its own plant to give the entire world the pleasure of a healthy and quality drinking.

Vendcup’s high quality, disposable paper cups offer solutions that are friendly to the environment and human health.


for your drinking Pleasure

We, as the Vendcup team, are committed to continual development and improvement, producing paper cups of various sizes that are environment-friendly, care for human health, and offer a quality drinking pleasure.


For Sustainable Quality

Vendcup’s "Quality Assurance System" is based on "achieving the capability to provide perfect products and services". Quality is a target that is renewed and improved through the best feedback depending on the conditions rather than a goal that must be reached and maintained.